Work in progress

Work in progress, from my on going project at Hamburg HafenCity.

3-4 days, 2024

silkscreen on glass, inkjet print, 2 object frames 80 x 60cm

The image shows a construction site at Hamburg HafenCity, where 5 migrant workers died in an accident in October 2023.

The reflective pattern on the glass complies with the European standard ISO 20471 for high-visibility safety workwear.

On average, one worker dies every 3-4 days on German construction sites.

Our modern cities are being built by many low-wage migrant workers, mainly from Eastern Europe. They are usually recruited via opague subcontractor chains to work on German infrastructure and prestige projects. They are poorly paid and have little protection, both in terms of health and legally.

The private German real estate industry in particular is built on a foundation of exploitation of these workers.

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